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Let Me Help You Find The Right Mortgage Option 

I love what I do; I get a genuine satisfaction when my clients are happy, knowing that I was able to help them - and I am not only referring to clients that earn $150,000+ annually that is looking to purchase their 1st home or perhaps a 2nd property; I am mainly referring to the clients that are drowning in debts or the ones that are about to lose their home. When I can help these clients, I cannot even put into words the beautiful feeling that it gives me. Yes, that may sound cheesy, but it is the candid truth.
Do not get me wrong, even the clients that earn the $150,000, once the deal is closed, there is always a sense of fulfillment, but with these clients, getting them a mortgage is “easy” However, when working with clients that have poor credit for X amount of reasons, household income is not $150,000 (far less), missed payments, bank or collector or both knocking on their door, well, these are the  clients that when I am able to get them a mortgage and get them back on track financially and/or to help them keep their home – that is pure gratification.
To think that I got into doing mortgages just by chance, it was not a career path that I planned on, but within the first few months of being an agent, I knew I found my career calling. I have been privileged to work with some exceptional brokers and underwriters over the years and still do. This has molded and educated me to being the agent that I am today – awesome. No, this is not being egotistical, I am simply saying that I know what I can do for my clients and I know the type of service and attention that I give to them. With the industry knowledge and the top-notch service I provide, I can confidently say that my clients are happy. Being with a brokerage as opposed to working at a bank has given me the opportunity to deal with diverse clientele making my knowledge base exceptionally good and that knowledge base can only benefit my clients.
In my past life I worked in Retail Management for 17 years and Office Management for about five years and dabbled in a couple of other sectors short-term; I have always enjoyed dealing with the public. Although I never saw myself in the financial field, my years in other sectors helped to ease me into being a mortgage agent from a service standpoint, but then again, I view everything with an open mind and look to gain knowledge and experience in everything I do.
As mortgage agents, we are all independent, which bank or brokerage we choose to work with is just simply where our license is “parked”, we govern ourselves on how we do business and what the word service means to each one of us. We have to follow the mortgage rules and guidelines and conduct ourselves ethically, but the level of service, the efficiency, the above and beyond we provide to our clients is up to an individual agent, there is no rule book for that.
I take exceptional pride in ensuring I give top notch service to ALL my clients; I am not only referring to getting  a good mortgage term, I am referring to the actual service I provide to my clients; I guide them throughout the process, I educate them so that they are aware of how the process works and therefore they are able to make the right decision, I am available practically 24/7 (except when I am sleeping) and I pry myself to respond efficiently to any questions. My first conversation with clients I will let them know exactly where they stand and what product will be suited to match their specific needs, because I listen to what is important to them.



Expert Advice

I will provide expert advice and customize a plan specific to your goals​​

Best Mortgage Option

I am not tied down to one lender, I work with multiple lenders which gives me the freedom to negotiate on your behalf to get you the best mortgage option

Financial Help

I am a one-stop shop. Depending on your financial and credit situation, I work with multiple prime banks, many B banks and private lenders to find the right solution for you.

Save Time

I save you the time from having to meet with different banks. I can quickly assess your situation and deal on your behalf with the lenders to offer you the right product

No Hidden Fee

There is no charge for my advice and service/ processing on typical prime bank transactions. On non-prime bank transactions, you are aware upfront of the fee(s) so no hidden details

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